Sex in the morning: why do you love it so much and how to get her to have it?

Of course, for such a beautiful activity as sex, absolutely any time of the day is suitable, especially if there is such a drug at hand But sexologists say that the best option for men is morning sex: the body is most prone to sex at this time of day. And all because overnight the body of the gentleman accumulates testosterone, and all the instincts in the morning awakens it. To all this add your morning erection, as well as a half-naked, sweet sleeping girl in your bed. How can you not want to make love?

But, more often than not, your companion does not share such aspirations and desires. She barely opened her eyes, she wants to lie quietly in bed, and then slowly go to the bathroom to clean up: wash your face, brush your teeth and take a shower. In addition, many girls do not find themselves attractive in pajamas. And even if you have Cialis, which is not a problem to buy today, if she does not want – then you will not have sex. And so awaken her desire – your main task.

The main thing – do not rush

Start with tenderness, innocent caresses and hugs. Do not let her realize that you need sex. Otherwise this may make her angry. Slowly caress her, slowly making it more and more erotic. The main thing is to keep the pace. Hurrying will ruin everything.

Compliment her

Caresses are good, but as they often say, women love ears. And so it will not be superfluous to say something nice and pleasant to her. Even if you’ve been together for a long time and do without these formalities. She will be pleasant, and in the morning it will be even more pleasant. You do not need to think up something special: just tell her how beautiful and sexy she is, how good and seductive she looks now. This will allow her to abstract away thoughts of her unfortunate appearance in the morning.

Choose the right pose

Life is not a movie where everything is beautiful and perfect. Everyone can have sleepy eyes and bad breath in the morning. If you’re afraid these things might ruin your sex, don’t choose the classic missionary position. Turn your girlfriend over on her stomach, or ask her to get on her knees. Well, if you can’t do without kissing, or if you want to have sex exclusively face-to-face, go brush your teeth together and have sex right in the bathroom.

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