Testabol is an extremely popular anabolic steroid testosterone cypionate . Testabol Depot is especially popular in the practice of athletes from the North American continent. The expansion of demand for the drug is associated with three main factors:

  1. You can buy Testabol Depot relatively inexpensively;
  2. injections of the drug give a pronounced result, which is manifested in a visually traceable increase in muscle mass;
  3. the effect of the drug is long-term .

Testabol Depot , the price of which in Ukraine is below 800 hryvnias , is produced by British Dragon Pharmaceuticals , and is considered the longest of the hormone esters that are distributed in the public domain https://theroids.ws/testabol-depot-british-dragon/ . British dragon cypionate can be bought, like enanthate , from which it differs by lengthening the molecular chain by one atom.

Considering that, taking a testabol depot course, athletes get about a third of the weight gained due to the accumulating fluid, the effect of converting testosterone into estrogens should be foreseen in advance.

Positive results of admission

The price of cypionate british dragon is relatively low, and the effectiveness of its effect on the body is very significant:

  1. muscle mass can be increased very significantly, although you have to deal with the manifestations of the effects of the rollback phenomenon;
  2. there is a clear increase in physical strength indicators;
  3. during the course, an increase in sexual attraction and libido is intensified ;
  4. it is possible to increase anaerobic endurance, since hematopoiesis is stimulated;
  5. the course of recovery processes is noticeably accelerated;
  6. with an increase in tone, motivation increases.

Cypionate british dragon : how to take and carry out post-cycle therapy

It is recommended to perform injections no more than once a week. Less frequent injections will result in testosterone concentrations not being maintained at the optimal level. For beginners, a solo course is advised, without resorting to a combination with other drugs. The weekly dosage is 250-500 mg. Increasing the dosage to more than 800 mg is reflected only in the onset of side effects.

Advanced athletes typically combine two hundred milligram doses of cypionate and nandrolone . To normalize the production of their own testosterone, they resort to Proviron during the course , which is replaced by tamoxifen in the post – cycle period . Blocking the effects of estrogen, starting from the second week of the course and until the second week after its end, tamoxifen is taken https://theroids.ws/ .

Manifestation of side effects

Taking a powerful drug can lead to character effects:

  1. estrogenic, with an increase in estrogen levels and the possibility of developing gynecomastia. These phenomena are prevented by taking Clomid or Nolvadex and aromatase blockers ;
  2. androgenic, which can be expressed in increased blood pressure, baldness, increased skin greasiness and acne . To alopecia (hair loss), the tendency is expressed mainly in individuals with a genetic predisposition, which is quite clearly manifested in families. Reduction of undesirable androgenic effects is possible by taking Proscar ( Propecia ).